Thursday, 26 June 2014

Taking old library books to Fiji

We have been busy 'weeding' books in the library. We found a large number of non fiction books in our library that have double copies and information that is dated. In our technology age I felt that it was important for our library to have up to date information for the children. Non-Fiction books are still an important part of our library - they are an alternative way of researching and a good resource for developing skimming and scanning skills, they are also very popular reading material for the boys in the school. I had been thinking about  what to do with these books and Cheran le Fleming had made contact with Thelma who has been living as a missionary in Fiji for the past six years. On our recent trip to Fiji with the le Fleming family we decided to pack some books in our suitcases to give to the missionaries to distribute to needy schools. We had eight bags of books.  They were delighted with the books and talked to us about a project Marine Reach I am currently investigating getting more boxes of books to their depot in Tauranga, so if you are heading that way and could drop a box off contact the school office.