Friday, 26 September 2014

Our new library programme!

I am so excited about our new library programme at school. We have changed from the current system to a company called School Library Software

It offers our students access to the school library at all times from any computer or mobile device. Simply click on the link below and you can access our library:

The students also have the opportunity to write book reviews or video reviews about books they have read in our library. Another great feature of this system is that the children can find out about what books are recommended reads or what to read next if they enjoyed a particular book. It also has a selection of ebooks which I am sure the children will be eager to try out!

From a management perspective the system is easy to use and it provides  management statistics making it easy to show reading progress in our library. It will also provide useful information to help successfully run our school library.Yesterday Mrs Gibson, Mrs Feek  and I completed the training. We are looking forward to using this programme and hope that the community will be able to find out more about what books are the most popular reads in the school and around the world!

The school library are very lucky to have been given the money from the school PTA to fund this project which we are very grateful for. Please click on the picture below to find out more about this software.