Recommended websites

This is a great website for recommended reads for children and of course for Mums and Dads. Click on the picture below.

Check out this fabulous blog reviewing a huge variety of New Zealand books for children. Click on picture below.

Scholastic books has fantastic information for parents about new books and series of books that are available, activities to get children reading, information about award winning books and much more. Click the picture below to find out more.

Read it! Loved it! is a fabulous website for children 10+ to find great books to read and love. Click below to find out more.

The Christchurch City Library website is a fabulous website that provides a huge information about books, authors and more. Click below to check out this amazing website.

This website has been developed to support the wonderful horrible histories books.

There is also a website for the Horrible Science books that is worth checking out.

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